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Your new home

You can measure the appeal of a new home by its compatibility with your lifestyle. The Kvartet (Quartet) neighbourhood is in tune with the modern lifestyle and urban dynamics.

It is adapted to the needs of people who want their home to extend beyond the walls of the apartment. Its residents will have everything for a perfect urban life: aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient apartments with functional layouts. The neighbourhood’s four apartment buildings will be surrounded by greenery , covered with a green roof and will feature terraces with an abundance of plants, allowing both the buildings and its inhabitants to breathe in harmony with the vision of the green capital.

Vaš novi dom

Contemporary urban style

The Kvartet neighbourhood is setting new standards of living in Ljubljana. The apartments in the four buildings will be functionally designed, aesthetically pleasing and built to the highest standards. Most of the one-, two- and three- and four-bedroom apartments will have a loggia. Almost all the apartments on the top five floors will feature spacious terraces and higher ceilings. Most apartments will have dual orientation. High-quality and intelligently designed equipment in apartments will provide a pleasant living atmosphere.

Združite udobje in lepoto

Comfortable living

Intelligent Floor Plans
Floor plan
Intelligent floor plans

The apartments will have one, two, three or four bedrooms. The apartments on the bottom floors will have loggias and different types of floor plans to satisfy different wants and needs. The top floors will have units with higher ceilings and terraces, and will be perfect for more demanding clients.

Spacious Bicycle Rooms
Spacious bicycle rooms

Spacious bicycle rooms on the ground floor will provide ample space to park bicycles. Our aim is to encourage sustainable mobility in the city and provide a safe and convenient space to store your bikes.

Underground Parking
Underground parking

Each building will have a two-floor underground parking garage, making it easy to access or exit the building. With parked vehicles removed, the neighbourhood will have a functional outdoor space for socializing.

Apartments for All Periods of Life
Apartments for all periods of life

Thirty-tree of the Kvartet apartments will be particularly suited for the elderly and for persons with reduced mobility. Thus, changed life circumstances won’t require any special apartment adaptation.

Green Areas and Space for Socializing
Outside areas
Green areas and space for socializing

The buildings’ lush green surroundings will have play areas for children and space for socializing. One of the buildings will feature an intergenerational centre on the ground floor, making it easy for the residents of all generations to meet and build a connected community.

The Best Neighbourhood in Town
Better living
The best neighbourhood in town

The Kvartet neighbourhood was conceived with people in mind. An attractive combination of an exceptional location, functional apartment design, green areas and a sustainable approach will create a pleasant living space for modern urban living.



1 to 4

bedroom apartments

4000 m2

of public green areas


parking spots for bicycles


World-class architecture with a local touch

OFIS Arhitekti is a Ljubljana based yet internationally acclaimed architectural office, with project spread across several continents and numerous awards, including:

  • Four nominations for the Mies van der Rohe Award (The European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture)
  • IBA Architectural Review and Design Award (2004)
  • Architectural Record Award (2001)
  • ArchDaily Building of the year (2009)

The four residential towers are nestled between greenery and tree canopy, creating a natural ecosystem within the area with a distinct urban character. The green concept is also repeated in the upper terrace floors. In this part, the towers are stepped down and visually create a dialogue with the peaks of the Alps. Which are visible in the background.

Špela Videčnik, lead architect and partner
Špela Videčnik, lead architect and partner

Excellent location

The Kvartet neighbourhood is located in a popular part of Ljubljana, the modern and lively Šiška, a dynamic neighbourhood that provides a high quality of life. Kvartet is also located right next to the most modern shopping centre, as well as a kindergarten, school, library, pharmacy and other facilities.

Many recreational green areas and the popular Path of Remembrance and Comradeship provide plenty of interesting possibilities for active leisure time. You can reach the city centre by bicycle using the well-tended bike lanes, as well as by bus or by car – the Ljubljana Ring Road is only a short drive away.
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